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Expected first week February 2016

Inquires: Call Nicole at 650-766-7330 or Virginia at 650-670-0538



Recent Picture of  "Chopper" vom Haus Warden 

out of : Tasso von Linderhoff SchH 2, KKl 1, & Baroness "Cleo" vom Haus Warden SchH1, KKl 2



UPDATE*** 9. 21.2010 ***Another Great Puppy Video*** Puppy "Caos" vom Haus Warden  ***Puppy Obedience***

Puppy Obedience at 5 1/2 weeks! Look how it is done...Thanks Nicole for the lesson :-))))

Puppy Obedience Video

*******Pictures of the "9" Miracles ******* 


All Puppies Went to Wonderful Homes 

Next Planned Litter Fall/Winter 2011




The Latest Cleo Tasso Puppy Pictures 

For the Week of April 25 - May 5 

7 weeks of age, going on 8.

We came into the World quite unannounced. 

4 hours duration of birth.  What a Miracle of "9". 

Mom was quite the "Keeper" of all 9, constantly watching over us.

Her assistant and "whelper" was there at our beck and call. 

Now 7 weeks have passed and were growing up. Time to lead lives of our own. "New Books to Be Written" (Rita L. Quote)..

We will miss our Mom, brothers and sisters and our safe haven home/Kennel. 

We look forward to the future and our lives with our new families.

"C" litter Puppies - The "9" MIRACLES 


Its sure getting warm... and look my ear turned green! (tattoo)        Mom, Can't I come out of here ???


Innocence......                                                                Cowboy :-)))))

Precious face....                                                                I can do that....a perfect DOWN STAY! 

Tattoo...Real Trooper Squad.....                            Three's a crowd....

Mom knows BEST!                                                             Sleep and play.....:-))

By Popular Demand We are posting the most recent Puppy Pictures At the Top of this Page 



More Puppy Pictures!


Mom's watching over us....

Starting to Wake UP! :-)

Food Find at the end of the Track!

Let them fight...I'm just relax"n....:-)))

Ahhh..Who can I go after next....

Waiting for turn at Obedience/Tracking session ....

What a look....:-))

Feet to Feet...

       I'm Free! (Crate Training - Fed inside after tracking  or / Obedience Door left ajar)

Its fun to Watch!

We all like to sleep together :-))


Puppies are 5 weeks and 3 days of age..They are now able to go outside. During the warmer time of the day and at night puppies stay inside. Puppies are developing rapidly both mentally and physiologically. They require 70% of their food ration from us. Mom supplies the remainder with her milk which is rich in immunity properties. We have started puppies obedience and tracking imprinting. Puppies teeth are sharp and they are beginning to use them quite regularly. Look at the new pictures and enjoy!



Puppies taking a break....                                                Playful pups!


Outside puppy run

Mom taking a break...

It's much cooler here by the water bowl...:-))                                I'll show you!

Puppy tracking with "Deep Nose"                                            Finding Food in each step......

Puppy's first track....Surprise at the end!                                        Puppy almost at the end of his track...

Nap time in the crate...:-)))                                                    Hey, brothers head makes a great pillow....:-)))

Say tuned...More pictures coming this week..






At 4 1/2 weeks of age the puppies are increasingly more social with their littermates and mother. They are learning "dog etiquette"



Puppy Huddle                                                            Time to Wake up.....:-)

Feed'n Tyme....                                                            My ears are already standing up! 

The Pack.......

Hey mom can't I come out???

What a life.....                                                                                        Just taking it all in.....:-)


Handsome.....                                                                       Pup Attack!@$#%                  


As Promised...More pictures. Enjoy!

Mom watching over us....                                                        Brother's bowl is next!           

Time to nap...:-))                                                          No its mine!

Toy Groupies.....


Tugga- WAR...:-)))




Today the puppies will be 3 1/2 weeks of age. They are becoming more playful and cute as time passes. Enjoy some of the most recent pictures we have taken. 

Reading time.....                                                           Precious.....

Hold me tender.....                                                        Sweet....

Follow me front and center....                                    Time to "Weigh in"......

Adorable.....                                                                I can win this one....

Wake up....                                                                             Watch this one!  

Going Fishing....                                                                   Keeping things in order...Thanks Mom....


    Close up...                                                                                Sleepy time...


Scroll Down for More "Cleo Tasso" Puppy Pictures from Weeks 1 - 3


Xumi Zathan Puppies 

September 2004


   Anita                                            Aiko


Ando                                                Ara



Xumi Eiko Puppies

January 2007

Cleo                                                     Bodo




And Now...Introducing our "C" Litter - The "Cleo Tasso" Puppies Born 3.13.2009


Puppy Sleeping on his Back :-) - About 3 days old!        8th Born Girl Pup "Tip of Tail" 


Cleo Tasso Puppies at 10 days "New"


Mom Taking a Nap with the "9"                                                             "Left Shoulder Pup" (2nd Born Boy) Nursing

                                                                                                        with 2 other Pups Sleeping



Tip Of Tail (2nd Born Girl Pup) Crawling on Mom's Side       First Born Boy "Tasso Pup"  in front center 


Puppy Huddle


AND NOW.......2 Weeks YOUNG :-) Their little eyes are opening up. They are becoming more interactive with their littermates and their Mother. A sight to behold....



Hold on to Mom's Paw :-)

Nap time

Pups Back - to - Back!

The Linebackers :-) All "9"

The Good Life....

Today..... Puppies are 3 weeks YOUNG NOW!!! They have been busy growing by the minute. They are incredible little miniature shepherds. Take a look at some of their latest photos.. :-))))


Croup Boy (6th Born) "Ball Drive" Already!

Middle Tail Girl (5th Born) - Play time with brother

Pups going after the pant leg :-)

Another Play Session.....

Tip of Tail Girl (8th Born)

Time to "Play Ball"....



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