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Puppy Questionnaire

By WardenGERMANShepherds.com

Mail, Fax or Reply to E-Mail address: vwarden@hughes.net. You may have to highlight fields with your mouse first and then paste this to the E-mail.  If you have contacted me by E-Mail I can give you my Fax number or P.O. Box via E-mail.


Name: ________________________________________________Date: ______________

E-Mail ____________________________or Home Address:_________________________ ________________________________________________

1.  Have you ever owned a German Shepherd?

2.  Are you home during the day? If not can arrangements be made for checking on your dog?

3.  Do you currently have other pets? If so what types? Ages?

4.  Is your property fenced? 

5.  Do you rent or own your home?

6.  Do you have children? Ages?

7. Will this dog be allowed inside your home? Where will he/she sleep?

8.  How long has it been since you raised a puppy?

9.  What type of outdoor enclosure do you have? (fenced area, dog house, run,  etc?)

10. Do you have a gender preference?

11.  Is money an issue?

12.  Are you willing to provide for this dog in the event of illness/ injury?

13.  If you had to move would you plan to take this dog with you?

14.  Do you plan to use this dog for breeding? 

15.  Do you plan to spay or neuter this dog?

16.  Are you interested in dog shows, obedience or Schutzhund training/work?



Information Request Form

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